Should I Buy My Dog Some Shoes

Dog shoes are really important for your dog’s feet because many of us don’t know this but our dog's paws are just like our feet now. I know that some of us have felt the paws and probably think of them as natural shoes for dogs but they’re not, they're more comparable to our bare feet.

Yes, their paws are somewhat protected by padding, however, this padding is very sensitive this sensitivity allows dogs to identify the type of terrain they’re on just like if we were barefooted you would be able to tell what you were stepping on. Now with this in mind imagine if you were to go stand outside on concrete, dirt, grass, turf and etc. when its 95+ degrees outside or when it’s below 40 degrees and told you to go run around outside for 20+ minutes, yeah doesn’t sound that fun now does it well that’s probably what your dog thinks as well.

Now, if you ever notice whether it is cold or hot when walking your dog they never try to stand in place have you ever wondered why well with the information I have just given you the reason should be quite clear, yeah it’s to avoid having paws freeze off or to not have blisters from burning of paws, even sled dogs which are typically huskies who have been breed to deal with extremely cold weather even their mushers typically put shoes on their dogs to not only help with the dog’s grip but to also help keep there paws warm so that there don’t paws freeze or become numb.

That is why I highly recommend getting your dog some shoes, Also other shoes help with is grip and cleaning because dogs typical have pretty poor traction on and remotely slippery surfaces such as Wood or Tile flooring, and one of the reasons this is is because their paws surface area is not that big which is why they typically struggle on the surfaces with less fraction a th way it helps with cleaning is you no longer have to wash their paws you just take off their shoes and boom their paws are clean preventing them from running all over you home with dirty paws getting the rugs, carpets, sofas dirty which is always a plus. But helping save and protect your dog’s feet from the harsh environment, improving their grip, and helping save time on potential cleaning, that is why I believe every dog owner should get their dogs some shoes.

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