How Customize Your Dog Pillow!!!

,We now have custom dog pillows that you may now get your dogs name on it and in order to get your dogs name on the pillow follow these simple instructions.

  1. Click on the chat bot in the bottom right hand corner of you screen
  2. Then type in Customize My Pillow
  3. Then  after answering the questions type in All Done
  4. Then after that you should receive conformation that we have received the information you have sent us
  5.  and then your all set
  6. Please Make sure that all the information you sent us correct!!!

Another way to do it is if you go to the product page to purchase the pillow the chatbot will ask you if you plan on purchasing the pillow, if you then click yes you would then just need to follow those instructions and then you ahold be good to go.

However if the chatbot does not say that to you then you may just need to click on the chatbot and the message asking you if you plan on purchasing the pillow should be in the chat logs if you do not see them in the chat log then just type Customize My Pillow and then follow the steps above.

You may also go to to customize your pillow it should be easier over their to get you pillow customized,

If all else fails you may just email us at and well help you get your pillow correctly customized,

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